Regular Weekday activités 

Monday evenings - Brownies

4th Monday evening of the month - Christian Bikers

Wednesday Mornings - 10:00am Coffee Morning

Friday Mornings - Food Bank

Friday Evenings - Youth club

Notices & specials

Sunday meetings

Sunday 29th  @ 10:30 
                           Speaker - Gail
                           Welcome & Coffee - Peter, Ruth A
                           Music -
                           Sunday school - Combined service

August - Coming to a Garden near you!

For the four Sundays in August we will be meeting in homes (or gardens to be more precise) and act more akin to the early Church in Acts 2.

The purpose of this is to enjoy summer together on a slightly more informal basis but also preparing ourselves for the Autumn term in a way that helps us pull in the same direction.

If you would like to join us please use the contact page to get in touch and find out where we will be.


Sunday   @ 10:30 topic
                           Speaker -
                           Welcome & Coffee - 
                           Music - 
                           Sunday school -