What’s the Christmas story? isn't it obvious? Surly you know? it's time off work, it's party time, it's presents, it's visiting family, it's shopping, it's eating and drinking, It's TV specials, the latest Bond film, it's Santa and reindeers and trees and tinsel and wrapping paper, It's rushing around, it's no time for you it's no time for me. It's defiantlyno time for God!!!

Isn't it lucky God didn't think that on the first Christmas. All he had was time for us. He was willing to visit us, to spend over 30 years visiting. He came as a baby, helpless and pure, the baby in a manger. That’s it, that’s the Christmas story….. knock knock no room at the inn, use the stable. Kings yes, I’m sure there are kings and shepherds and Gold, frankincense and don’t forget the myrrh, whatever that is. That’s it, the Christmas story is about a baby and gifts.

But that’s not it, it’s about God and it’s about us. God the creator of the universe coming to earth to give us a way out from the mess that we had made of the life He had given to us. We had gone away from the life he had intended for us and there was a price to pay. So God came to earth as a baby, the baby in a manger. That baby changed the course of history, don’t believe me? Then why is this year 2017 – it’s 2017 because of that very baby, time changed at his birth. And things have been changing ever since.

What could a baby do, even if he was God? He didn’t stay a baby. He grew up, he lived, and He died. Yes He died. Not a natural death in old age happy ever after, no this is no fairy story. Christmas is the start and it leads to Easter. That very baby now a man, THE MAN. Jesus, dying on a cross. I said earlier there was a price to pay, but we don’t have to pay it because He did, He paid my price He paid your price. So in a way Christmas is about a baby and gifts. All we have to do is accept it, a gift from that baby to us.

That’s still not the end of the story, Easter comes in two parts. Part one – the death, the death of that Christmas baby all grown up now dead on a cross. Paying the price. Part two – the resurrection of the man Jesus, who died to pay the price for us, raised to LIFE and ascending back to where He had come from 33 years earlier. The job He came to do finished, the gift of Christmas delivered.

 What was the gift? That’s the best part, the gift is the chance to spend the rest of Eternity with Him, with God. All we have to do is accept the gift. It's easy... isn't it?

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