Privacy Statement and Data Processing Policy for Emmanuel Chapel, Henbury, Bristol.

Privacy Statement

Emmanuel Chapel’s data protection statement is as follows:

Keeping your data secure is very important to us. By providing your personal details you agree to allow Emmanuel Chapel to contact you either on the basis of legitimate interests in accordance with current data protection regulations or of the consents you have given us, or legal obligation (e.g., in the case of marriage registration processing and employment matters), or contractual relationships with you (e.g., in the case of suppliers of services and lettings). We will never make your personal data available to external individuals or organizations without your consent,unless there is a legal obligation to do so. 

Emmanuel Chapel complies with its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) by keeping personal data up to date; by storing and destroying it securely; by not collecting excessive amounts of data or retaining them longer than necessary; by protecting personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorised access and disclosure, and by ensuring that appropriate technical measures are in place to protect personal data 

Emmanuel Chapel Data Processing Policy 

Emmanuel Chapel is a friendly family church reflecting the area of of Henbury and Brentry. Though we are made up of a diverse group of people we are united in the knowledge of the saving and redemptive power of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are an independent church welcoming those from all church backgrounds or none. We have a heart to serve the community in which we are placed.

In the process of carrying out our activities we do hold some personal data which you have provided if you have been involved in any activities run or organized by Emmanuel Chapel in any way. The information you provide will be held under the General Data Protection Regulations which came into force on 25 May 2018 (the “GDPR”) being an updating of the Data Protection act with which we seek to be fully compliant. We will comply fully with our legal obligation to protect your privacy and to make sure any personal information you share with us is stored securely.

We value and respect everyone who connects with us. In line with our Christian beliefs, our aim is to be as transparent as possible about how and why we use information you give us. If your questions are not fully answered by the information below, please contact the leadership who will be happy to help.

How and why we collect and process information about you
We collect personal information through direct contact with you. For example, from visitors to church services, regular attendees, those registering to attend groups and other community activities, hire anduse of the facilities, entering into contract of works etc.

Data is stored primarily in digital form on the church computers which are password protected. Hard copy such as original details forms you may have filled in or print-outs made later, are stored in filing cabinets in locked offices with limited data (usually just names used on registers for attendance purposes, etc).

In pursuit of the objects of Emmanuel we collect information about you for the following reasons: 

a)  To maintain the existence and operations of Emmanuel, which include membership matters, prayer, financial giving, groups & activities, Community work, mission, training and missionary support, etc. 

b)  To inform you of news, prayer matters, events and activities directly relating to Emmanuel or of the wider Christian church, whether directly or indirectly connected to Emmanuel. 

c)  To keep records of your relationship with us. For example; what events you have attended, what enquiries or complaints you have made, what areas of our work you have supported. We use this information internally to modify and improve our activities.

As noted above, the legal basis for processing your personal data is either on the basis of legitimate interests in accordance with current data protection regulations or of the consents you have given us or legal necessity or in pursuit of contractual obligations. For example: For item (a) & (b) above consent is not explicit but is assumed on the grounds of legitimate interest for those who have in the past or are currently regularly associated with Emmanuel. For community activities such as in (c) above, express consent requested and given is the main basis for processing personal data. 

There are also the legal obligations on us, with which we are committed to comply, under employment, social security, social protection law, marriage legislation or a collective agreement for which we need to have and hold appropriate data. For example: to maintain effective safeguarding which requires some appropriate data processing. 

Who sees your information?
The information we collect will be used exclusively within Emmanuel. It is normally only viewed by the activities leaders and where appropriate by the Leadership Team. We do not pass any of your personal information to any other organizations and/or individuals without your express consent with the exception of archived material or unless there is a legal obligation to do so.

How long do we keep your information?
The length of time we keep the information on you depends on the context and purpose for which it was provided. We will only keep information that is necessary for us to provide full church membership functions, ongoing information to previous members, or the services you are making use of or related services. Past and present church members’ details are retained unless you specifically ask us to remove your contact details from our data base. For community contacts and service users, personal contact details (if held) will be deleted five years after the last time of contact unless otherwise requested or in the particular case it seems reasonable and necessary for us to retain it.

We will keep records of any financial transactions you enter into with us for a minimum of six years. This will enable us to meet with accounting requirements and respond to any questions from you that arise during that period. Gift Aid declarations and transactions must be kept for a minimum of 12 years after the Gift Aid is no longer valid.

You may request details of all the information Emmanuel holds about you by submitting a written request to the leadership.