We meet together as a church every Sunday morning at Emmanuel Chapel, Satchfield Crecent. Most people arrive from about 10:15am, and the meeting starts at 10:30am. The more formal part of our meeting finishes at about 11:30am, then there is time to catch up informally and meet new people over tea or coffee until about noon. Our meetings are fairly informal, there is no dress code, and we try to do everything in a way that is easy to understand for those who are new to church. 


Children of every age are really welcome in all our meetings. Most weeks children and grown ups are all in together for the beginning of the meeting, part way through the meeting children under 11 who would like to go into their own groups for about 45 minutes to learn from the bible together in a way that is age appropriate and fun for them.


We believe that God speaks to us today in a living and active way through the Bible - so one of the main things we do in our gatherings is to listen to the Bible read from a modern and easy to understand translation and then unpacked and applied in a talk. 


During our meeting there is normally a time of singing praises to God and encouragement to one another. We aim to sing a mixture of old and new songs, and are accompanied by members of the church family on guitars, drums and anything else that we can play and that helps us to sing! 


Jesus told us to remember him through sharing bread and wine together. At Emmanuel we do this in a simple way during some of our meetings. All committed followers of Jesus are welcome to join us. We use non-alcoholic wine at Emmanuel and if you are unsure if you want to take part you can just sit it out.


We want our church to be a safe place for everyone to explore and ask their questions - so if you would not call yourself a Christian, or you just don't know what you believe, we hope you'll feel especially welcome and able to be yourself. In our meetings no-one will expect you to do or say anything with which you are not comfortable,  you will be free to come and go as you like, and no one  will ask you for any money!


See the contact page for details of how to get to Emmanuel Chapel Henbury, where we meet.‚Äč